March 1, 2020:
Maxine Alexander, LUT

March 8, 2020:
Christina Brighton, LUT

March 15, 2020:
Rev. Randy Armstrong

March 22, 2020:
Christina Brighton, LUT

March 29, 2020:
Randie Jacobs


The faculty for the month of November is:

Elimination / Renunciation

The power for the month is represented by the disciple Thaddeus. The coordinating colour is Russet and its location in the physical body is in the abdominal region.

Affirmation: " My spiritual centre of elimination is quickened in me. I gladly let go of the old. My whole being expands with the new life in Christ Jesus."

Elimination, renunciation is the faculty by which we release false beliefs and accomplish a mental cleansing. Worry or anxiety about temporal needs disturbs in the body the even flow of nature's all providing elements.

Jesus warned against the tension of anxiety that we now call stress. He said, “Be not anxious for your life, what ye shall eat or what ye shall drink; nor yet for your body, what ye shall put on. Is not the life more than the food and the body than the raiment?”

Relaxation of the tense abdomen depends on relaxation of the tense will. Give up willfulness and ask that the divine will be done in you and in all your affairs.

Elimination enables us to surrender to our inner Spirit, any thought that is not for our highest good so that purification of consciousness can take place.

Quicken elimination and renunciation through the spiritual activity of the Christ with the attention centered on the lower abdomen and affirm: “My spiritual centre of elimination is quickened in me. I gladly let go of the old . My whole being expands with the new life in Christ Jesus.”

Overview of the Twelve Powers

Charles Fillmore, co-founder of Unity with his wife Myrtle, believed that we can learn to use the power of God within us to improve our lives. This magnificent God-power flows through every cell of our body all the time. Fillmore specified twelve centers, or chakras, twelve specific energy points in various locations throughout our body, and named each one of them. He related one of these faculties, or "Powers" as he called them, to each of Jesus twelve disciples. They are presented here in the same order in which they appear in his book, The Twelve Powers of Man. Since there are twelve months in a year, one power is recognized each month, beginning with Faith, in January, Strength in February, etc.

From Unity's "Revealing Word" we learn that metaphysically, twelve refers to spiritual fulfillment. These twelve great centers of action symbolize the twelve spiritual gifts, or powers, and dwell in the realm of our subconscious mind. We remember always that these are spiritual powers which must be understood and applied on a spiritual level.

In Genesis 1, we read, God made man in God's image, male and female he created them, meaning that all of us have been created with both a masculine and a feminine nature. Six of our mind powers are feminine, feeling powers, and six are masculine, thinking powers. Thinking is masculine, it is conscious, objective thought. Feeling is feminine, and it is subjective thought. Our mind powers respond to our thinking and feeling as we command them one by one to do their mighty work within us.


JAN: Faith

FEB: Love

MAR: Strength

APR: Wisdom/Judgment

MAY: Power

JUN: Imagination

JUL: Understanding

AUG: Will

SEP: Order

OCT: Zeal

DEC: Life