March 1, 2020:
Maxine Alexander, LUT

March 8, 2020:
Christina Brighton, LUT

March 15, 2020:
Rev. Randy Armstrong

March 22, 2020:
Christina Brighton, LUT

March 29, 2020:
Randie Jacobs


Each month this pocket-sized magazine offers daily spiritual inspiration and practical help through positive affirmations, inspirational stories, Bible verses, and guiding thoughts. No matter what faith you are, Daily Word is designed to support you on your spiritual path.

You will also enjoy thought-provoking articles by a variety of writers including celebrities like Wayne Dyer, Naomi Judd, Mark Victor Hansen, Wally Amos, and Thomas Moore who provide inspiration, insight, and enjoyment in every issue.

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Daily Word was given to me as a gift … As all things surely do come to us when we are ready, the daily readings began gradually opening a much-needed and wonderful spiritual path for me.”
–KU, San Francisco, California

“I enjoy Daily Word so much. I read it every night–so much contentment and love in that magazine.”
–AL, Minneapolis, Minnesota

  • Begin your day with a spiritual vitamin–read Daily Word at the breakfast table.
  • Keep Daily Word on the nightstand and read it before going to sleep.
  • Keep Daily Word on your desk at work so you can glance at it throughout the day.
  • Use Daily Word as a meditation tool to relax and become centered in God’s presence.
  • Use Daily Word as a spiritual foundation for prayer and quiet reflection with someone you love.

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